When I moved to Marianneís farm, I intended to sell one of my horses. She just didnít seem like a good fit, I was frustrated, and I thought it was time to accept that I was just not the rider she needed. Marianneís wealth of experience working with horses and her dedication to seeing her students improve and gain confidence changed all of that. From being what I thought was completely not right for me, that mare became the best horse Iíve ever owned, and riding her became a joy.

Of course, good instruction isnít all it takes Ė and Marianneís attention to the well being of every animal on her farm is just as important. I came to Marianneís farm with my horses almost twenty years ago, and for almost twenty years now I havenít worried about my horsesí feed, the quality of the hay, or any other aspect of their care. I can enjoy my time at the barn knowing that when I canít be there, none of these things are a problem. If I had a farm of my own, I would keep my horses the same no-stress way they are kept at Tunnelís End.

Jane Floyd

I learned everything I know about horses during my time at Tunnels End Farm, with Marianne as my instructor. She taught me to ride, working with me to attain a confident, balanced seat. She also educated me on the importance of a well-researched nutrition program for my horses. Having been in many different horse boarding/training situations over the years, my experience at Tunnelís End Farm was by far the best of all! My horses and I were very happy there!

Joanna Harris

I have boarded at Tunnels End Farm for more than 7 years and am much more satisfied with the care of the horses than any other place I've been. I have an off the track thoroughbred mare who is a hard keeper and came to North Carolina with ulcers and other medical issues. Through Marianne's personalized care, Mimi is now thriving and enjoying a relaxing life on her beautiful farm. Among the benefits of keeping your horse at Tunnels End are:

-- Laura Miller
Associate Professor of Mathematics and Biology